Why Your Story Is Important

The American Dream is a fundamentally unique aspect of our society. The opportunity and the hope it provides had inspired individuals to achieve remarkable success.

But faith in the American Dream has been severely eroded. In 2013, 48% of Americans surveyed between the ages of 15-29 said they believe “the American Dream is dead.” This pessimistic outlook from those who are in prime position to enact great change does not bode well for the chances of future success. Americans needs to have the belief that the opportunity to achieve the unthinkable¬†are possible in order to be inspired to strive for great achievement themselves. They need to know that they American Dream still exists.

But Americans won’t be inspired by long, eloquent, romantic definitions of the American Dream. They need to be inspired by tangible examples. Real stories of real people embodying values of unrelenting tenacity, fiery passion, and a stubborn persistence in the face of hardship are the best vehicle for inspiring a new generation. Your story can ignite the spark in a future person. That is why we ask that you please add your story to this rich fabric of America’s heart and soul. Every story helps enrich and complete our larger, beautiful, and moving American Dream epistle that is unlike anything the world has ever known.