Hank Holland- The Beauty & Hope of Colors

Hank Holland was born with mild Cerebral Palsy, but through his colorful life has become a true entrepreneur and one of America’s most sought-after folk artists. With over 8100 paintings to his name, he has been featured in 9 magazines and several local newspapers. His work hangs in homes and businesses spanning all 50 states and 106 countries, in various local galleries and restaurants in Louisiana, Nashville, Memphis and as well as in the prestigious Private Vatican collection.

As many other young boys, in his youth he enjoyed swimming and fishing in the Bayou Lafourche and getting into all sorts of mischief. His Cerebral Palsy never held him back, and he did not view it as a disability. Hank’s mother Jane Holland was responsible for his outlook growing up, because she taught him never to give up and always strive to accomplish his goals and dreams. She was also a self-taught artist who hoped one of her four children would pick up her love of painting, but neither Hank nor his siblings showed interest in their early age. After her untimely passing in 2007, Hank was struck with grief and lonely. He took time to grieve, but in May of 2008 he decided to pick up a fresh canvas, a few tubes of paint and a cheep set of brushes and begin teaching himself how to draw and paint. His guiding motto through the learning process was “paint with your heart and the love with flow through with the color.” His artwork is a product of his lively imagination, and through the use of vivid color he depicts scenes of rural Louisiana and the jazzy soul of New Orleans. What he manages to capture through his cheerful paintings is his hopeful outlook toward life. Hank credits his growing success with his own ‘can do’ attitude, his unique vision of the culture in south Louisiana, but most of all, to God.

The memory of his mother remains an inspiration for Hank to this day, with her love for family, creativity and zest for life providing a constant muse for Hank’s creations. She is the namesake of his entrepreneurial undertaking Baby Jane Art Studio, LLC in Lockport, Louisiana where he currently lives along with his wife Maria and son Christian. Hank’s passion for the arts and his “never give up” spirit led him to overcome what society saw as an impediment. If you would like learn about Hank Holland’s artwork, his process and his creativity, he can be found on his website (www.hankhollandfolkart.com) and on Facebook (www.facebook.com/hollandfolkart).

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